A disabled baby helps wins over a vendor to score his family a home


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John and Leanne Pritchard with twin sons Hugo and Joshua and Mr David Cable who sold his harbourside home to the family rather than auction it.

One-year-old Joshua Pritchard helped his family buy a harbourside home this month.

When David Cable, 90, heard about the Pritchard family and especially the story of baby Joshua who was born without his left arm he was adamant that the Manly family get his home, which was being sold to support a Sydney children’s hospital.

“I wanted them to have the house and it is lovely that the house and garden will be filled with children,” Mr Cable said.

Mr Cable is delighted that a family of children will call his harbourside house home.

Mr Cable promised his late wife Lynda that the proceeds of their harbourside home would go to helping sick children, after his death. So, a figure in the mid $2 millions, will go to The Children’s Hospital in Westmead and juvenile cancer research.

Mr Cable and his wife didn’t have children of their own, their house at 11 Adelaide St, Balgowlah Heights was built by Mrs Cable’s late father and had never traded.

11 Adelaide St, Balgowlah Heights traded for the first time since 1948.

Mr Cable and his late wife Lynda didn’t have children and Mr Cable so wanted a family to enjoy the house.

When it did come to market Mr Cable was very keen to see the family-sized house go to a family.

John and Leanne Pritchard have four children, including one year old twins Joshua and Hugo, and they are indebted to Sydney children’s hospitals helping Joshua with his congenital deformity.

“Joshua already has his first prosthetic and has been helped by many specialists,” Mr Pritchard said.


The family couldn’t be at the onsite auction of the four-bedroom house last weekend because it was Joshua and his twin Hugo’s first birthday. So the family made an offer beforehand to the real estate agency which was accepted.

“We weren’t blessed with children of our own,” Mr Cable said. “I came from a family of 11 children and my late wife was one of six, we were used to having a lot of children around.

“I met the family and we celebrated with a glass of champagne, I think they will be very happy in this house,” he said.

Eddy Piddington, of Stone Real Estate, said several parties from Mosman and the Eastern suburbs were interested in the solid home with water views but Mr Cable really wanted the Pritchard family to buy the home.

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