A share house divides over footy


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A share house of five in Richmond, Victoria, divides over one thing – the footy.

Many things can divide a share house: cleanliness, or lack thereof; varying tastes in film and TV; not to mention decorating styles.

However, for this share house, it’s their competing footy teams that can put tension in the air.

The housemates have lived together for six months and love the location and household dynamic.

The lead up to a big game at this share house reaches fever pitch.

Will and Madi are Hawthorn supporters. Then there’s Nick, who goes for St Kilda, and Steph who is a Carlton fan. Finally, there’s Ash who barracks for Port Adelaide.

“The two dogs also have Hawthorn merch, so I consider them Hawthorn supporters also,” says Madi.

Footy fans are passionate to say the least and so when the housemates’ teams are playing each other, home life can become a little hostile.

“If our teams are playing each other, we’ll have a week of banter leading up to it,” says Ash.

“Leading up to a game, someone will be repping their scarf early during the week to add fuel to the fire. I swear we do actually like each other,” Madi jokes. 

Of course, there is a sore loser and a smug winner… Nick will take a Saints loss personally, while Will and Maddy love to gloat after a Hawks win.

The competitiveness is all in good fun.

However, at the end of the day, it is just fun and games in the share house.

“It’s nice to have that friendly banter with one another about the footy,” says Nick.

“Yeah, I would always want to live in a house with a mixture of teams. It’s more fun,” says Steph.

The Saturday game can either be found broadcasting on the TV, or the housemates will stroll down to the MCG to see the live action – one of the major perks of living in Richmond.

“There are always a few pints involved to ease the nerves,” says Madi of their trips to the ‘G’ for a game.

“The winner gets about 10 mins to brag and then we ease the tension by walking home together in a civilised fashion.”

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