A smooth building process from start to finish


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Northeastern residents Cheryl and Graham share their build journey with Fairmont Homes. Pic: Nic Clayton.

Northeastern residents Cheryl and Graham have many reasons why they love the suburb of Modbury.

So when Tea Tree Gully Council released a parcel of land there they were quick to take up the offer of buying a block to build their dream home.


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Home & Life Magazine. Pic: Nick Clayton.

“We’ve got a fantastic network for transport. The O-Bahn is awesome and being near Tea Tree Plaza is fantastic,” Cheryl says. “We’ve got everything we need at our fingertips. Why would you want to live anywhere else?”

The couple chose to build with Fairmont Homes and although the block was small with an unusual triangular shape, it didn’t take them too long to find a home design they liked.

Home & Life Magazine. Pic: Nick Clayton.

The couple found the two-storey Montana design, in the Fairmont Homes display book, a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a home theatre upstairs and open plan lounge/kitchen and dining downstairs.

The design has similarities to the Nottingham design, which is on display at Blakes Crossing, Blakeview, so it was easy for them to imagine what their home would be like once they had viewed the display.

Home & Life Magazine. Pic: Nick Clayton.

The angular Montana design was a good fit for their unusually shaped block and with a few modifications to suit their needs, the couple were taken with the idea of having the main bedroom and lavish ensuite on the ground floor.

The Montana design, according to Cheryl and Graham was “attractive” and even after living in the home since June last year, the couple are adamant they would not change a thing.

“Thinking ahead, if we got into our 80s and had a bad hip or something like that, we’ve still got a bedroom and ensuite on the ground floor,’’ they say.

Home & Life Magazine. Pic: Nick Clayton.

“We just modified it (the Montana plan) and built a triple garage.

“Fairmont allowed us to push the garage over and build on the boundary rather than wasting that piece of land.

“It was completely identical (to the floorplan), apart from the fact that we flipped the plan over.

“The land was a weird shape. It was very narrow at the back and very wide at the front but we worked around it and Fairmont accommodated what we wanted.’’

For the kitchen design, the couple drew inspiration from a Fairmont display home at Plympton, even driving interstate to pick up the tiles.

Home & Life Magazine. Pic: Nick Clayton.

“We copied the Washington kitchen from the display home,’’ Cheryl says.

“We walked into that display home and fell in love with that kitchen.

“We sourced out the exact floor tiles from Melbourne and we drove to Melbourne to pick them up.’’

One of their favourite rooms is the home theatre upstairs, where they both enjoy watching various television shows and sports programs on their big screen television.

“It is like a theatre. We’ve got a full wall of curtains so it is very cosy and comfy with a massive TV,’’ Cheryl says.

The other feature they like is the ensuite with an open shower and two wash basins. Cheryl also decided to incorporate the idea of a cupboard recess behind the mirror to organise her toiletries so that they were within easy reach but out of sight.

Home & Life Magazine. Pic: Nick Clayton.

“It just looks like mirrors but when you open it up, my makeup cupboard is behind it, it’s sunken in and flush with the wall,’’ she says.

“When we had this huge piece of mirror that was left over, I asked them to place it vertically so I’ve got a lovely huge mirror that I can see my full-length dress when I’m going out.’’

One of the reasons the couple built with Fairmont is that had built with them before, and found the second build was positive although there was a moment of concern when it was time to start the footings.

Home & Life Magazine. Pic: Nick Clayton.

“We found out there had been a massive gum tree on this property that none of us were aware of, and therefore everything was held up,’’ Cheryl says.

“The engineers and everyone had to work out what to do with all these roots because we couldn’t proceed.’’

But, she says, a quick visit to the Fairmont office allayed their fear that the cost would be high and now they pinch themselves everyday that they are living in a home they love.

“We thoroughly enjoyed building with Fairmont,’’ Cheryl says. “I can’t speak highly of them.’’

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