AREC 2019: Daniel Gonzalez’s speedy rise to the top


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Daniel Gonzalez told of his journey from party boy to million-dollar agent. Picture: McGrath.

DANIEL Gonzalez achieved success in a record-breaking time.

He completely flipped his life from late nights, wild parties and lapping up the rock’n’roll lifestyle of a musician to becoming an agent who brings in millions each year in one of Australia’s most challenging markets.

Agents have packed the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre for the 22nd AREC. Picture: Mike Batterham

Gonzalez, who moved to the Gold Coast with his family from South America at the age of 16 said there was no right or wrong way to achieve success.

An achievement he reached through the hard grind of the Western Australian real estate industry.

“It doesn’t matter where you start from and it doesn’t matter where your career is at, you can always press reset,” he told a crowd of more than 3000 real estate professionals at the second day of AREC 2019.

“It’s possible to evolve.

“Record-breaking success is simply the compound effect of hard work and discipline consistently over a short period of time.”

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Mr Gonzalez said when he first started working in the Perth market a few years ago, it was 15 per cent down. In comparison, Melbourne and Sydney were up about 30 per cent.

In his first year, he had an obsession with raking in more than $1 million gross commission income — something his boss said would take three to five years.

That year he made $1.1 million. He made $2.3 million in his second year and $3.5 million last year.

His team is now on track to notch $10 million by the end of financial year.

Mr Gonzalez put his success down to creating momentum early on in his career and again every morning.

“There’s a time and a place to create momentum and its at the beginning,” the Realty Lane director said.

“Wake up and write down an affirmation and goal.”

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