AREC 2019: Volume will correct a correcting market


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Ray White real estate agent, Sonya Treloar. Picture: Tara Croser.

Gun Brisbane businesswoman Sonya Treloar has strong belief that the real estate market can be corrected, and has some tips to do so.

Ms Treloar, who settled 143 real estate deals last year, said her database of 3284 people produced 50 per cent of her sales last year — with her average sale price sitting at $722,000.

“Volume I believe will correct a correcting market. There is no better time to be in the market. The changing market is our future,” she told the AREC 2019 conference at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

“What was last year is gone. This is the market we’re in. We can’t go back, we’ve got to move forward. If we don’t change and adapt to this market, we will be left behind. These are great times.”

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She encouraged young agents to work towards becoming the “favourite real estate agent” of people in their territory, much like families had a favourite doctor, favourite lawyer or favourite plumber.

“Start being noticed, start being that person,” she advised.

AREC 2019 Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, June 02, 2019. Picture: SOPHIE FOSTER

Trust was key to doing well, she said. “Always do what you say you’re going to do. If you say you’re going to ring someone, please do it. Those people are waiting for you to call.”

“Think back to when you were a teenager. when you waited all day and night for a call. How did that make you feel? That’s how you made your buyer feel when you made a commitment to call and didn’t. Please back up what you say. This will be your competitive advantage.”

She said embracing learning was the way to get better.

Sonya Treloar’s Communication Tips:

— Be careful what you post.

— You can only lose your reputation once

— Your name is your brand

— Keep your brand squeaky clean.

— Process is the key.


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