Choose your view in this coastal charmer


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This house at 42 Seaward Crescent, Pallarenda, is on the market for $900,000.

For more than a decade, the Skuza family have enjoyed the lifestyle that comes with living beachside in Pallarenda, including endless afternoons on their front deck watching the sunset paint the Pinnacles dusty pink.

With a work transfer to Wollongong, Bob and Michele Skuza are bidding a sad farewell to the white walls and cathedral-style ceilings that their daughter grew up with.

“It’s a house that has seen us through various stage of our lives, including a new child — we built the nursery upstairs,” Ms Skuza said.


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“It’s on three levels and has views from each one. It feels like you’re living in the view rather than just looking at it.”

Ms Skuza said the house itself was a blank canvas so it would be easy for someone to come in and put their own stamp on it.

Big enough to host extended family on both sides, the home features an expansive entertaining area and a new kitchen.

“We’ve just put in the kitchen two years ago, I designed it myself — it’s got a work station so you don’t need to put all your utensils away and there’s a place on the bench for everything,” she said.

Ms Skuza said the family had hosted Christmas at the house for the past 16 years, with about 38 people joining in the celebrations last year. “It has a huge oven that’s really deep and high; it’s called an American oven because it’s made to fit huge turkeys,” she said.

Spread over three levels, the house has four separate living spaces, a downstairs granny flat, and a large in-ground pool, perfect for a Sunday afternoon swim.

“It’s a very welcoming house, the way it’s been designed is open-plan but there are still rooms to escape to; there are two lounge rooms on the middle level, one lounge on the bottom floor, and one lounge at the top on the mezzanine deck,” Ms Skuza said. “The downstairs guest room has a kitchenette and that’s where our parents used to stay when they’d come to visit — so that was a space where they could stay for extended periods because they had their own little hideaway.

“Having a guest room downstairs is great, and it’s been everything from a movie theatre to hosting discos over the years.”

Located in a family-oriented neighbourhood, she said residents felt comfortable that their homes were watched over if they were away. “It’s a very friendly neighbourhood, everybody knows everyone and usually by their dog’s name before the owner.

“We have a lot of dinner parties and footy competitions, so it’s a real community feel and a feeling of belonging.

“If you’re going away, everyone will keep an eye on your house and water the plants if they look like they’re dying.”

The suburb is also known for its native forna, making birdwatching from the house a morning ritual.

“Bob walked across the creek quite frequently to go fishing, and it was just lifestyle that attracted us and the fact that it’s such a beautiful house,” Ms Skuza said.

“I’ll miss sitting on the big veranda on Sunday morning and watching all the bird life coming in; the brolgas in the park, the jabiru, whistle ducks — all kinds of stuff.”


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