Concerns over density and consultation around planned housing development


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The site at Huntingfield where the Government plans to build 450 homes. Picture: MATT THOMPSON

LOCAL residents say there should have been more community consultation around a 450-lot development on government land in Huntingfield.

The State Government tabled a Housing Land Supply Order for 34 acres of public land in Huntingfield in State Parliament on Tuesday.

Housing Minister Roget Jaesnch told Parliament about 450 homes would be built on the land with provisions for open space and business zones.

He said the Government’s plan had taken into account community feedback.

“To address concerns around density, in particular, we have adjusted the zoning in the final order, to more clearly reflect the intention that we have to deliver a diverse range of lot sizes and housing types, not high-density across the entire site, as others have claimed and which was the subject of a number of submissions we received,” he said.

“Indeed, the average housing density across the site will be similar to adjacent residential areas under this order.”

A map of the planned development area. Picture: MATT THOMPSON

Similar orders have been made to cover surplus government land in Rokeby, Moonah, Devonport and Newnham as part of the Government’s response to demand for housing.

Mr Jaesnch said once the order passes both houses of Parliament, the future subdivision of the land and development of houses would be subject to the normal development assessment and consultation processes administered by Kingborough Council under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act.

Planning Matters Alliance of Tasmania state co-ordinator Sophie Underwood said she felt consultation had been limited, rushed and cursory.

“This supply order will allow for one of the largest and most dense subdivisions ever proposed in Tasmania and yet the community hasn’t been broadly consulted,” she said.

“This development hasn’t been put out for public comment and instead it’s being fast-tracked through the Parliament and all we’re saying is let’s do it like most rezoning of land in the last 25 years.”

Concerned local resident Matt Jones, left, and Kingborough Mayor Dean Winter at the site. Picture: MATT THOMPSON

Huntingfield resident Matt Jones said the community was disappointed by the process.

“We’re not against affordable and social housing. We just want the process done properly and that’s what we’ve been saying all along,” he said.

“We want to go through the normal planning process through the Planning Commission and through the council and obviously through the community.”

He said the 14-day comment period had been too rushed to be considered proper community consultation.

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