Decor tips from TV’s renovating queens


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The Fraser twins, Alisa (left) and Lysandra, in the Banksia display home at Waverley Park estate in Mulgrave. Pictures: Mirvac.

When celebrity renovators Alisa and Lysandra Fraser were asked to decorate a new home in Mirvac’s Waverley Park community in Mulgrave, they went straight to the basic principles of interior design 101.

Firstly, what is the architectural style of the home? And secondly, what is the surrounding community and environment like?

“We were influenced by the aesthetic of the home and its surrounding (Waverley Park) community, which has lots of green, open space,” Lysandra said. “We wanted to reflect the wider community in our design.”

Dynamic duo: Alisa (front) and Lysandra add their expert touch to the house.

The Adelaide twins are certainly well qualified to dish out interiors advice. The pair has created a successful interior-design business since winning The Block: Sky High in 2013 and placing third on The Block: Fans v Faves in 2014.

Mirvac most recently commissioned the sisters, who have nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram, to add a touch of glamour to its two-storey Banksia display home.

“It is a modern, architecturally designed home with a strong contemporary feel, so it was important to showcase and complement this in the styling,” Alisa explained.

“The home has been designed for an evolving family, so we wanted to create a style that was both aspirational and accessible.”

The Banksia has a strong contemporary feel.

The home has been designed for an evolving family.

Well blended

Briefed by Mirvac to “blend timeless elegance with on-trend elements and pops of colour”, Alisa and Lysandra set about creating a family home that was luxurious but at the same time comfy and welcoming.

To achieve this, they focused on colour and texture, relying, in particular, on tones of blush, navy and teal in their choice of rugs, throws, cushions and furniture. They also incorporated warm greys, charcoal and brushed gold.

The twins focused on colour and texture to achieve a luxurious but comfy feel.

“The soft blush tones in the living room, as well as plenty of greenery, add a feminine feel,” said Alisa, adding she was particularly proud of their work in the large main bedroom.

“The master bedroom’s colour palette and the variety of textures and layering give it a luxe feel as soon as you enter the space,” she said.

“We wanted to create a sense of opulence, which is why we selected statement pieces, such as the bone mirrors.”

For Lysandra, it was the continuity of the interior design that delighted her the most.

“There’s a consistent theme that flows throughout the home,” she said.

“Certain tones, materials and textures have been repeated in each room to emphasise the contemporary, modern and feminine theme of the home.”

The look is luxe in the main bedroom.

Perfect match

When it came time to decorate your own new build, Lysandra and Alisa recommended ensuring the style of interiors reflected the style of the home.

“It’s also important to consider functionality and how you plan on using the space, both now and in the future,” Lysandra said.

She said to add layers and textures through throws, cushions and floor rugs. “When choosing your styling pieces, consider items that build on your existing colour palette or theme,” she said.

Add layers and textures via throws, cushions and floor rugs.

Alisa said don’t forget the artwork.

“I love using artwork through the home to unite the colour palette and style of a room, and there is lots of beautiful yet affordable art available,” she said.

“There are (also) so many affordable finishing touches that you can incorporate, such as scented candles, beautiful books, greenery and hand-glazed ceramics.”

Bring in artwork that harmonises with your colour palette and room style.

Decorating tips

Here is some more advice from the renovating queens:

• Stay within your budget by mixing luxury furniture pieces with homewares from more accessible brands. For example, splurge on large pieces, such as couches and the dining table, but opt for more economical choices in cushions, throws and ottomans.

• Measure and map out the furniture in each room before you buy so you don’t accidentally buy something that isn’t well-proportioned for the space — or doesn’t even fit the room.

• Incorporate layering into the home, especially in winter, to make it feel cosy. Accessories such as throws, cushions, sheepskins and floor rugs work wonders.

• Combine on-trend colours, such as blush or gold, with timeless tones, such as warm greys or charcoal, to ensure the home doesn’t date in a few years.

• Make a room pop with bright artwork that unites the tones in the room.

Measure and map out your furniture before you buy to ensure it fits.

Check it out

Mirvac’s Banksia display home, styled by the Fraser sisters, is open to the public at Waverley Park estate, 20 Newcastle Drive, Mulgrave, until late 2019. For more details, see or

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