Developer hangs giant photos for love or revenge?


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New York property developer Harry Macklowe says the 12m high photographs of himself and his new wife that hang from his Manhattan building are a “declaration of love”.

The images hung from 432 Park Avenue. Picture: @chrisokada

The newly remarried Macklowe has denied claims that the images of the pair, which can be seen for miles, were designed to taunt his former wife Linda. He says it gives him a “great thrill” to share his joy and new love with others.

Harry separated from Linda in 2016 after nearly 60 years of marriage.

Their acrimonious divorce was legally granted late last year after a 14-week trial.  A judge ordered the couple to split their $US2 billion fortune, which included artworks by Warhol and Picasso as well as real estate – though terms of the settlement remain confidential.

Macklowe married his new love Patricia Landeau last week and the photographs were then hung from the building he owns on Park Avenue.

“Since I wasn’t getting married during the summer in the Hamptons, I wasn’t able to hire an airplane with a banner to go up and down the shoreline. I thought: ‘I own a building. Why don’t I just hang a banner from my own building?” he told The New York Times.

But not everyone sees it that way, with some saying the move could be seen as tacky:

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Men are going to need to step their game up!!! Checked out this 42 foot tall billboard of condo developer Harry Macklowe and Patricia Landeau as their wedding announcement. Some people say it’s tacky, some people say it’s a big F-U to his ex wife after a nasty divorce, and others are saying good for them and congratulating them. I think it’s all the above and sort of inspiring… I mean A-Rod gave JLo a multi-million dollar rock… why not have you and your wife’s faces on billboards on your multi-billion dollar condo building? 🤷🏻‍♂️ You never cease to amaze Gotham. #harrymacklowe @mackloweproperties #432Park

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Macklowe and his bride celebrated their nuptials with a party on the building’s 78th floor, which had been gutted and then turned into a ballroom for the occasion.

The 81 year old and his former wife each had a condo on the 78th floor, which became a sticking point in the divorce proceedings. Macklowe and his new wife will make the space their home, while Linda retains a large condo at the Plaza Hotel said to be worth $US72 million.

The striking images are reportedly going to hang from the Park Avenue tower for a month.

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