Interior designer Anna Spiro to team up with buyer of $8 million penthouse


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Interior designer Anna Spiro will help design the final penthouse at 443 Queen St in Brisbane’s CBD.

Brisbane interior designer Anna Spiro has ensured no plain or “safe’’ designs have been incorporated in styling an $8 million penthouse in the heart of the CBD.

Developer Cbus Property has released the last penthouse at 443 Queen St with Ms Spiro aiming to do “something a bit different”.




One of the renders of the final penthouse at 443 Queen St, designed by Anna Spiro.

She has designed five elegant and striking renders, heavily influenced by her love of textiles, patterns and colour to help buyers visualise what life could be like at the top of the 47-storey building.

When sold, the buyer will be given the option to have Mr Spiro design the penthouse throughout.

“Being part of the development of such an iconic landmark in my home city of Brisbane, is truly exciting. I wanted to bring to life the subtropical nature of the building in my designs to take prospective penthouse buyers on a journey of what life could be like in a ‘never to be built again’, building,” Ms Spiro said.

“I wanted to create a skyhome that has lots of interesting things. There’s art, sculptures and colour patterns that are reflective of Brisbane. It’s a warm city and my design reflects this.

“The whole building is designed with a subtropical nature and with sustainability and greenery in mind. The wallpaper and patterns internally reflect that.”

Interior designer Anna Spiro’s creation of the master bedroom in the last penthouse released at 443 Queen St.

Colours used within the penthouse include layered greens and blues, and pink.

With expensive fabrics and wallpapers from around the world incorporated in the design, and a range of art work, some from Edwina Corlette Gallery at New Farm, Ms Spiro said a luxurious feel throughout was important.

She said the penthouse would appeal to an older couple, a young family or young successful couple.

“It’s so broad, that’s the joy of it,” she said.

Ms Spiro reconfigured the lounge area, making two areas.

“I joined them together and moved the dining room. I felt the layout was better that way as people do a lot of lounging and living in those areas,” she said.

“The dining area has an amazing floor to ceiling bookcase with art hanging above and is in an open-plan space. Buyers making a purchase like this would want to feel at home, that was my main thing.”

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