Jackie Gillies shares the stories behind some of her favourites


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TV star Jackie Gillies. Pictures: Jeremy Piper

She’s a TV star and psychic medium who is also married to the rock star she used to have a poster of on her bedroom wall, but Jackie Gillies believes nothing happens by chance.

Take being cast in Foxtel’s The Real Housewives of Melbourne. A year before she joined the five other housewives in 2014, she’d pinned an image of six pairs of legs walking down a red carpet on one of what she calls her “vision boards”.

“I’m a big believer in manifesting your thoughts into reality and have been creating vision boards since my late teens,” the 38-year-old explained.

Appearing in four seasons of The Real Housewives of Melbourne made the girl who was given a “most likely to be famous” award at her high school formal, a household name.

A fifth season is reportedly on the cards, but, with the show mostly known for the infighting and bitchiness among its participants, Gillies is unsure if she wants to continue.

“I don’t like the negativity that comes with it and I try not to engage in that. But I enjoy the filming and have made some genuine friends on the show, such as Janet (Roach) and Chyka (Keebaugh),” she said.

“If the show does come back, I’ll meditate on it and see if it’s the right fit for me, at that time.”

Meanwhile, Newcastle-raised Gillies, who lives with Silverchair drummer husband Ben Gillies in Melbourne, is concentrating on promoting her memoir, Shine It Up (Hachette, $32.99).

“I’d always wanted to write a book but it wasn’t the right time. But when I came out of the jungle (after starring on I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!) last year, I felt ready,” she explained.

She is also performing for her speaking tour, Shine It Up Live, with her Melbourne leg of the tour at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins on June 1 at 7pm.

Gillies said she was aware of her psychic gift from a young age, and in her mid-twenties she quit her corporate banking career to become a psychic medium.

She said she’d like to bring that side of her career to TV, as American mediums John Edward and Tyler Henry had.

“I’ve been approached a number of times, but it has to be my way of doing a psychic show, with perhaps a reality element thrown in as well,” she said.

Gillies likes to use vision boards to manifest thoughts into reality.

Typical Saturday morning

It usually starts with a trip to the gym, which I need to do because I’m always eating. The endorphins also make me feel happy, so it’s a good start to the day. Ben usually makes a beautiful almond milk latte for me and then, if we’re both not working, we’ll often go for a drive to the beach.

Emergency snack

I love berry smoothies. It feels a bit naughty but it’s also healthy.

Signature dish

Chicken schnitzel, mashed potato, peas, corn and gravy. I grew up on that. The secret is to bash the chicken with a mallet first. I don’t actually enjoy cooking that much, but Ben is the most amazing cook.

Fantasy place to live

Croatia. Although, I don’t know if it’s a fantasy because we actually do it. We’ve got a place over in (my birthplace of) Split, which is absolutely glorious. We go back every year.

On my bedside table

I’ve got a statue of my guardian angel, Archangel Michael. I also have some crystals: a rose quartz that infuses love; and a clear quartz that removes negativity. There’s also a copy of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Chill-out music

I love my ‘90s R&B. Not a lot of people know that I actually used to breakdance and was quite good at it.

Happiness at home

Being around a table with my loved ones, eating, talking and listening to music. Being Croatian-born, my family’s very into food and wine. There’s usually a big pot of something on the table that everyone helps themselves from.

Secret domestic skill

I’m quite OCD when it comes to cleanliness. I can clean my house from top to bottom in two hours. I get stuck in and it’s done.

My favourite things

Wedding ring

The best thing that has ever happened to me is my husband. I believe that all every human wants is love. And when you find it, it’s the greatest gift, ever. So when I look at my wedding ring, it represents the blessings I have from the universe but also from Ben, who is my everything. I had written a list of everything that I wanted in a relationship on my vision board, including that he had to be a great cook, and it all came true with Ben. I also had a pink diamond, like Jennifer Lopez once had (when she was engaged to Ben Affleck), on my board, and Ben proposed with a pink diamond ring, just like the one I’d imagined. We got married two months later, the day before my 30th birthday in June 2010.

Representing love and blessings: Gillies’ wedding ring.

High heels

When I first saw these fabulous shoes online, I knew I had to have them because of the angel wings. I wore them on every show of my (first) Shine It Up Live tour last year, and I felt like the angels were looking after me and guiding me. And, while they may not look like it, they are really comfortable, too. I went to 14 different cities on the tour and every show was sold out, which was amazing. I’m a motivational speaker as well (as a psychic) and am very keen on inspiring people on how they can get out of whatever negative rut they may be in and know their self-worth.

The angel wings were a drawcard.


A couple of days after Ben and I got married, I got his name tattooed on my inner wrist. It symbolises the fact that Ben is my soulmate, and seeing his name every day represents the love that we have. What’s funny, though, is that I actually hid the tattoo from my strict Croatian father for six months afterwards, because I thought he would go off when he saw it. Fortunately, in the end, he wasn’t so bad because the tattoo is quite small. My dad (Ivan) was very strict when I was growing up, and even now, he can still give me a look across the table when I’m saying something he’s not that impressed with.

Spelt out: the tattoo that represents the couple’s love.


These rings are very precious to me because they belonged to my Australian grandmother, May. She wasn’t a blood relative but when we came to Australia from Croatia, we had no family here. Grandma, as I called her, lived next door to us (in Newcastle) and became a mother figure to my mum (Svetlana) and a grandmother to me and my siblings. Her rings represent unconditional love to me and although she’s passed on, she’s still with me in my heart. I had a very happy childhood, although sometimes I wasn’t happy at school. I was born in Croatia and came to Australia when I was one month old, but there was a lot of racism at the school I went to. There was only one other European at the school and she was bullied as well. Luckily, I had a lot of love around me at home.

Precious: the rings from May, a cherished grandmother figure.


I was given this medallion, which was blessed in Calcutta by Mother Teresa, before I went into the jungle in South Africa for (the fourth series of) I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! It was given to me by Moira Kelly, founder of the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation, which was the charity I aimed to create more awareness of, through appearing on the show. Moira said the medallion would protect and look over me while I was in the jungle. I think Moira is like the Mother Teresa of our time. What she does for children is unbelievable and she inspires me every day. I was disappointed not to win the $100,000 prizemoney for the foundation (Gillies came seventh) but I did make a $25,000 donation myself, which I thought was important.

The medallion blessed by Mother Teresa.


I’ve always loved the smell of Chanel’s Allure. It was the first luxury item that I bought myself when I started making my own money and it was a great feeling knowing that I had worked hard to save up the cash to pay for it. To me, it represents independence.

Sweet smell of success: the perfume that represents Gillies’ independence.

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