Kristy Rebbeck shows us her a few of her home favourites


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History Trust of South Australia manager Kristy Rebbeck at her well-presented, renovated home. PICTURES: Nick Clayton.

History Trust of South Australia Manager Kristy Rebbeck shows us a few of her home favourites.

Age: 43

Worklife: Senior manager, marketing and public programs at the History Trust of South Australia

Career highlights/best known for …

I worked for many years as the marketing manager at State Theatre Company. A highlight was doing a photoshoot with the amazing Miriam Margolyes – famed actor and troublemaker. She was performing with us at the time and we met her at an amazing boathouse in Goolwa where she was staying. She was so delightful, very cheeky and sharply funny. Somehow I ended up in her kitchen cooking her scrambled eggs before taking her to the local supermarket. She delighted in telling every child she saw that she was indeed the lady from Harry Potter.

At home with Kristy Rebbeck.

At home with Kristy Rebbeck..

I’ve lived in my home for …

More than nine years

My home is a …

A 119-year-old attached cottage in Goodwood.

I live with …

My two ancient cats, Boo and Scout.

I love my home because …

It’s the first home I renovated (with immense help from my sister and brother-in-law architects) and I feel like it’s made just for me, with a kitchen I love. It’s definitely my sanctuary.

But I still need to …

Fix all the cracks!

My decorating style is described …

A bit of a mix. I like antiques as well as modern items, but I also like comfort.

Recent purchase …

Probably a cookbook! I forget what I order so get an excellent surprise when the courier comes.

I collect …

Cookbooks, cooking utensils, bakeware and anything baking related. I still have my very first cookbook, The Mr Men Cookbook, and I love it!

At home with Kristy Rebbeck.

At home with Kristy Rebbeck.

At home with Kristy Rebbeck.

Favourite room …

Definitely my kitchen/lounge, which looks outside into my garden.

Home favourites

My sprinkle collection! I have a side hustle selling cake sprinkle mixes ( My home is overrun with sprinkles, which is not a bad thing!

An artwork by my lovely friend Lucy Turnbull who is now practicing in New York.

My portrait on a Stobie pole at the end of my street. A couple of my friends surprised me with it and it makes me laugh every single day.

In my garden I have …

Old fruitful lemon and orange trees plus a crab apple that I bought at a quiz night in the Hills and had great difficulty getting home.


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When I get home at night, I …

Firstly have to pat the cats, then quickly get into my PJs and cook.

At weekends I like to …

Cook and have friends and family over, hang out with my niece and nephews and get in some good Netflix time!

My first car was …

A 1969 Morris Minor with iffy brakes, which meant for some interesting drives – and no seatbelts.

I like to listen to …

All sorts of music. I have everything from Fleetwood Mac to Billie Eilish on my playlist.

At the moment I am reading …

I have been reading a lot lately about the Epic Flight, which the History Trust is helping to celebrate this year.

At home with Kristy Rebbeck.

At home with Kristy Rebbeck.

Favourite film …

I love anything from the ’80s – The Lost Boys is a big favourite.

Clean freak or messy Bessie?

Definitely a clean freak!

On my wishlist is …

To travel much more and do some baking courses in France.

Favourite cafe/restaurant/ bar …

I love The Local Crowd in Colonel Light Gardens. They have great food and amazing staff.

Favourite drink?

Definitely coffee but make me an Espresso Martini or a Dark and Stormy and I’ll be your best friend.

At home with Kristy Rebbeck.

At home with Kristy Rebbeck.

When I was a child I wanted to be …

A chef. I used to cook at my mum’s bench and pretend I was hosting a cooking show.

If I could change career now I would be …

A pastry chef.

Favourite SA holiday spot

My mum is from the Yorke Peninsula and I love spending time back on the family farm in Stansbury.

Dream holiday destination

Anywhere cold and snowy. I love Switzerland and Austria, so would love to explore both countries more.

Favourite sports team …

Sport, what’s that? My dad was a state cricketer back in the day and will kill me for saying that!

Something you want to achieve in the next 10 years?

World sprinkle domination would be amazing!

At home with Kristy Rebbeck..

My neighbours are …

Lovely! I’m super lucky to have great people on both sides and the people in my street are super friendly.

I couldn’t live without …

My family.

If I could afford it I would live …

Still around Goodwood. I love the suburb and its eclectic people, plus being so close to the Farmers Market is brilliant. And I couldn’t leave my Stobie pole!

Home means …

Everything to me.

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