MAFS 2019: is this why the ladies were still single?


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Home visits are now done and dusted on Channel 9’s Married at First Sight, and the couples came face to face with a few deal breakers around their significant other’s home.

The men went first bringing their wives home to their bachelor pads across the country, showing off some definite red flags lurking around the house from empty pantries to bird poo on the sofa.

It was then time for the ladies to bring home their hubbies and reveal some deal breakers of their own.

Jess and Mick

Jess and Mick were an unlikely pair from the start. Picture: Channel 9

Jess dragged her unwilling hubby Mick home to Perth in a ploy to spend more time with Dan.

Her house was impressive and probably smelled of rich mahogany.

She may have even given the impression of being cultured – reading a book and pointing out her original artwork around the house, oh and how about that statue of David at the front door?

That statue of David would be fierce competition for any suitor coming home. Picture: Channel 9

However, Jess really let herself down with the glassware.

These tiny glasses were a dead giveaway that culture does not come naturally to her – what is this? A glass for ants?

You forgot to pop your little finger here Mick. Picture: Channel 9

Cyrell and Nic

Cyrell and Nic stayed with Cyrell’s mum during their home visit. Picture: Channel 9

Cyrell, 29 still lives with her mum in Sydney and brought her husband Nic home for the first time.

Note this: bringing a date home to your mum’s basement is never a turn on, even if she’s not a regular mum, but a cool mum.

Nic and Cyrell talked over their relationship with Cyrell’s mum who third wheeled the home visit. Picture: Channel 9

However, it wasn’t Cyrell’s mum who had Nic packing his bags, her brother Ivan served up some serious ‘tude when Nic told him he wasn’t 100% happy.

Family is great and all, but maybe it’s time to move out Cyrell, for the sake of your future love life.

Jules and Cam

Jules and Cam have been happy together since they got married at first sight. Picture: Channel 9

This couple have been smooth sailing since day dot and if Cam didn’t bat an eyelid at Jules’ deal breakers around her home in Sydney, then nothing can stop them.

All seemed well and fine at Jules’ very white apartment in the Sydney ‘burbs, but look closer and you’ll see a red flag.

She is a unicorn enthusiast. There were several ornaments of unicorns out on display – next to the TV and on the mantlepiece.

Jules apparently loves unicorns. Picture: Channel 9

There’s nothing particularly wrong with people who like unicorns, unless they think unicorns are real.

Does Jules realise these horned horses are mythical creatures, or is this the clincher we have all been waiting for… Please let it be revealed that Jules believes in unicorns, fairies, and Harry Potter.

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