Magical Gold Coast property like Narnia, minus talking animals and mythical beasts


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It’s not the typical entrance through the wardrobe, but this gate leads to Narnia.

THERE may not be a lion, a witch or a wardrobe that leads to a fantasy world, but this Gold Coast property has plenty of space for a game of hide and seek.

Called Narnia, the picturesque Neranwood property, is a magical house on the outskirts of the city.

If the name of the property inspires you to read The Chronicles of Narnia, a seven-part series by C.S. Lewis in which the film is based and the home is named after, the cozy library with a fireplace is the perfect spot.

Likewise, to watch the movies, retreat to the home cinema and put it on the big screen with some popcorn.

Plus, there are no talking animals or mythical beasts to interrupt the tranquillity on offer at the five-bedroom home at 32 Swanson Place.

Welcome to 32 Swanson Place, Neranwood, also known as Narnia.

The home theatre is the perfect spot to watch the Narnia films.

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The library is pretty impressive.

Owner Piers Dance said he wanted the 6.47ha property’s name to reflect the peacefulness it offered.

“We are Christian and one night we were … with a bunch of friends and we came up with Narnia which we all liked,” he said.

“There are a couple of meanings but the one we liked was spring in winter and unique.

“The name stuck and the story of Narnia with the central character as a lion we kind of liked that.”

The house was built was about seven years ago.

Mr Piers said he and his partner finished building the property about seven years ago.

“We were aiming for something that was spacious but not huge, because we had so much land we were able to sprawl the house out,” he said.

“With the help of the architect, we wanted to capture the fact we live in a very secluded space with complete privacy.

“Want to be able to see the bush so there are lots of windows, which are really big, and the ceilings are really high and the windows go all the way up to the ceilings.

“It’s totally unique, you will never get another one like this anywhere in Australia.”

The property is on offer through an expressions of interest campaign.

Mr Dance said he would miss the location the most as it was peaceful and quiet but still close to the Gold Coast’s amenities.

“The driveway is 400m long, we are set in the middle of the bush,” he said.

“If you were a movie star you’d have no issued with paparazzi, they’d have to bush bash to get to you.”

A sunken bath with views of the gardens — yes please!

He said other highlights of the home included the property being drought proof, purified water supplied to the house and solar panels, which almost cut out electricity bills.

Marketing agent Margie Mac of Savills said there was a second meaning to the name Narnia that suited the property.

“It means heaven on earth and the owners believe that the parcel of land is heaven on earth thanks to the tranquillity, seclusion and the privacy,” she said.

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