Pop and screen queen Colleen Hewett’s latest release in Bendigo


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Pop icon Colleen Hewett at the Junortoun mud-brick house she is selling.

Queen of ‘70s pop Colleen Hewett is selling the country house she helped her parents build four decades ago.

Hewett is seeking a price to the tune of $397,500 for the two-bedroom mud-brick home at 299 Turners Rd, Junortoun, near Bendigo.

The chart-topping singer had hits with Day by Day and Dreaming My Dreams with You, before lending her star power to hit TV series Prisoner as Sheila Brady.

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The two-bedroom house at 299 Turners Rd is on the market for $397,500.

Clerestory windows bring natural light into the house.

“It’s hard to let go of this house,” Hewett told Property Confidential.

“It took my mother and father about three to four years to make all the big, beautiful mud bricks,” she said.

“We all slopped around in the mud and helped them achieve their dream house. Now it’s my dream house, but it’s time to let go.

“I’d love to have a family, a writer or a painter move in.”

Colleen Hewett’s career has spanned decades since she first started singing in Bendigo.

Hewett helped her parents create the mud bricks four decades ago.

Charming leadlight windows.

Some of Hewett’s fondest memories at the 2.75ha property include sailing a makeshift rowboat in the dam, playing golf using a jam tin as a hole, and constant sightings of native birds and kangaroos.

“There’s a painting in every blink around these acres. It’s just heaven … a little paradise,” she said.

Having looked after the property for the past 15 years, Hewett said she planned to move closer to the centre of Bendigo, where she was born and began her singing career.

Rustic charm in the cottage’s kitchen.

The house is on 2.75ha of land.

Hewett will be looking closer to Bendigo for a place to hang her hat at the end of the day.

She also intended to eventually head back to the studio for the first time since releasing 2015 album Black & White, but not just yet.

“Being an artist in Australia, you can’t be saying ‘yes, yes, yes’ all the time — you just burn out. This is the right time for me to have a little break,” she said.

Love & Co listing agent Arthur Kokkinos said the property’s tranquillity was a standout feature. “If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s the perfect property,” he said.

“It’s a charismatic little home on a beautiful piece of land.”

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