Pop culture icons on the Melbourne property market


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Iron Man would be handy taking the bins out. Image: Marvel

Dr Karl Kennedy’s proven himself to be a good neighbour over the years, but how would you go living next to Tony Soprano? Or James Bond? The Brady Bunch would be a bit of fun.

Some of TV and film’s favourite characters would have no problems getting in to the Melbourne property market, but unfortunately cherished on-screen battlers including Darryl Kerrigan and the hardworking Joyce Byers from Stranger Things would feel struggling first-home buyers’ pain, creative new Canstar research has found.

The comparison website has calculated a selection of pop culture icons who could and couldn’t afford to buy real estate in Melbourne, based on salary estimations.

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Real estate fit for The Avengers

A tray of baked goods could win Tony Soprano over if he moved in next door.

Mad Men’s Don Draper has his foot firmly a few rungs up the property ladder, with an estimated 2019 salary of $580,219 ensuring he’d be a likely find around the streets of Melbourne’s inner southeast.

Iron Man’s Tony Stark, $324,581, and Philip Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, $269,506, would comfortably secure homes in affluent suburbs, but it’s the humble Dr Karl who’s closest behind Draper, with a salary of $350,000 meaning he could easily kick on from Ramsay St if things took a turn — or he wanted to pursue his music career in the inner north.

The real house from The Castle might have been found in Strathmore, but the Kerrigans would struggle to enter the market with Darryl’s salary of $46,192, according to the estimate.

Darryl Kerrigan’s resilience would be helpful in the Melbourne property market.

Joyce Byers, at $30,689, is the lowest paid out of Canstar’s selections, while Mrs Doubtfire would find it the second toughest with $37,313.

Even Sherlock Holmes would struggle on a private investigator salary of $67,306, according to Canstar, and Dexter’s murderous Dexter Morgan would as well (luckily) at $71,918.

The Bradys would be in though, on Mike’s wage of $129,250, despite plenty of mouths to feed, and Modern Family man Jay Pritchett would also be similarly set up with $162,166.

Mrs Doubtfire could mind the kids.

Melbourne has a median house price of about $655,000, according to Canstar, which based its estimations on a character having a 20 per cent deposit and spending 30 per cent of their income each month on repayments, meaning they would need to earn at least $105,500 a year.

Check out Canstar’s ‘Famous Houses — Fiction vs. Reality’ game here.

Who can afford Melbourne

Don Draper, Mad Men, $580,219

Dr Karl Kennedy, Neighbours, $350,000

Michael Bluth, Arrested Development, $324,581

Tony Stark, Iron Man, $324,581

Dr Michael Mancini, Melrose Place, $312,614

Philip Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, $269,506

Tony Soprano, The Sopranos, $172,714

Jay Pritchett, Modern Family, $162,166

Hank Moody, Californication, $148,569

Mike Brady, The Brady Bunch, $129,250

James Bond, Spectre, $118,126

Sam Baldwin, Sleepless in Seattle, $105,519

Who can’t afford Melbourne

Joyce Byers, Stranger Things, $30,689

Euphegenia Doubtfire, Mrs Doubtfire, $37,313

Darryl Kerrigan, The Castle, $46,192

Mick Carter, Eastenders, $46,338

William Thacker, Notting Hill, $51,264

Guinevere Beck, You, $53,225

Kevin Webster, Coronation Street, $53,337

Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock, $67,306

Dexter Morgan, Dexter, $71,918

David Budd, Bodyguard, $83,430

Malorie Hayes, Bird Box, $93,348

Marty Byrde, Ozark, $96,377

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