Queensland parents turn to home lottery to get children into property market


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The RSL Art Union’s latest prize homes are on Sundowner Court in Mermaid Waters.

TWINS Addison and Indiana Knight love the idea of living in matching houses next door to each other.

It sounds like a children’s fantasy but it could become a reality if their parents Sheree and Aaron picked a winning ticket in the RSL Art Union’s latest prize home lottery.

The Deagon couple bought two tickets — one each for the girls — for the two waterfront villas at Mermaid Waters.

Mrs Knight said parents were always thinking of ways to best set their kids up and this was a simple and optimistic gesture to help their daughters get into the property market.

Addison and Indiana Knight, 7, are among the thousands of people hoping to win the Mermaid Waters prize homes.

There are two neighbouring properties in the prize package.

“Both my husband and I realise it’s getting harder and harder for younger generations to get their foot in the door, we thought what better way than to spend $5 on a ticket,” she said.

“All we want is the best for our children.”

As the RSL Art Union sells about 2.5 million tickets in each lottery and about 350,000 people play, the Knights know winning is a long shot.

But as the age-old saying goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

The couple have explained the idea to Addi and Indi but Mrs Knight said the girls haven’t quite grasped the magnitude of it, especially what it would mean if they won.

“They’re not quite 8-years-old yet so it’s all above their heads a bit,” she said.

“But they love the idea of having two houses and living next door to your best friend.

“I guess it’s all a bit of a fantasy for them.”

She said they had a few ideas in mind regarding what they would do if they won the homes.

“Ideally it would be to hand them over to the girls when they’re older,” Mrs Knight said.

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They come fully furnished with more than $277,000 worth of products.

The draw closes on July 16.

“I think it would be something we would hold onto and rent them out.”

The identical Sundowner Court villas are three stories and each have four bedrooms, a waterfront pool, alfresco area with built-in barbecue and rooftop terrace.

RSL Art Union property and prize specialist Lisa Roy said the homes were fully furnished with more than $277,000 worth of designer furniture and electrical appliances.

“Each villa has been professionally styled to make the most of its generous internal space and breathtaking views of the Gold Coast’s enviable waterways,” she said.

“They exude a modern luxe design with premium touches such as polished concrete floors, glass handrails and sleek finishes throughout.”

They are worth $3.7 million and could both be rented out for about $156,000 per year.

The draw closes on Tuesday, July 16, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, July 24.

All funds from ticket sales go directly to RSL Queensland to fund services for veterans and their families.

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