Rachel Griffiths quickly finds buyer for Los Angeles home


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Rachel Griffiths has found a buyer for her LA home. Picture: Richard Dobson

Actor Rachel Griffiths’ longtime home in the outer Los Angeles suburb Encino has quickly gone under offer.

There was a $US1.748 million ($A2.5 million) asking price on the stylish single-storey 1960s home.

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Could these famous faces afford to buy in Sydney?

The amazing home in Encino had hopes of $US1.748 million.

Griffiths, now back in Australia with her artist husband, Andy Taylor, bought the home in 2005 for $US1.2 million when she was finishing up her role on US TV’s Six Feet Under.

She went on to appear in Brothers & Sisters, which ran until 2011.

The listing is advertised as a “celebrity-owned mid-century modern oasis”.

All rooms have walls of glass, with a step-down living room with fireplace. There’s another sunken conversation nook with fire pit outside amid yellow palo verde trees.

The 1961 home blends minimalist and modernist elements in an open floor plan.

The gated residence sits on 1580sqm with a pool.

She is now based in Melbourne. Picture: Richard Dobson

The now Melbourne-based Griffiths — who sold her Palm Beach, Sydney, retreat in 2014 for $2.25 million in just 10 days — will soon make her directorial feature film debut with Ride Like A Girl, which stars actors Sam Neill and Teresa Palmer, depicting the story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.


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