Real estate young guns in Melbourne’s east vie for REIV Novice Auctioneer of the Year


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REIV Novice Auctioneer of the Year 2019 finalists (left to right): Tyler Hogan, Jake Parish, Kristiana Karakostas, Adrian Nyariri and Chris Daly.

Fake it till you make it and be unpredictable are some of the tips from real estate young guns in Melbourne’s east for buyers fronting up to auction this spring.

With the Real Estate Institute of Victoria announcing the winner of the 2019 REIV Novice Auctioneer of the Year on October 24, three of the five finalists come from Melbourne’s east, where sending a home under the hammer largely remains preferred to private sales.

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Kristiana Karakostas, Woodards Mt Waverley

Kristiana Karakostas in the finals for the award.

Woodards Mt Waverley agent Kristiana Karakostas’ top piece of auction advice for buyers is to project confidence — even when not feeling it.

“Don’t be afraid to start the auction, don’t hesitate when you bid, it’s all about confidence really,” the 26-year-old said.

“You might be riddled with nerves inside, just as we are when auctioneering, but you have to exude confidence.

“As a buyer I think that would intimidate your competition.”

Ms Karakostas, one of five young Victorian auctioneers gunning for the award, said she hoped to pave a way forward for female agents in the real estate industry.

“I personally don’t really know of any female auctioneers in Monash,” she said.

“That’s something I wanted to bring to the table, I wanted it to be a point of difference and, not only that, to start a new trend where anyone can go and do it. I think that’s really important.

“It’d be nice to see more females have a crack in the future.”

Ms Karakostas said she wanted to see more females involved in auctioneering.

Adrian Nyariri, Jellis Craig Blackburn

Adrian Nyariri competing at the 2019 REIV Novice Auctioneer of the Year.

Jellis Craig Blackburn agent Adrian Nyariri said opening the bidding was a great way to kick the nerves when competing with more seasoned buyers.

“A lot of people are always nervous about starting the auction — my advice is kick it off and know your increments,” Mr Nyariri said.

“Use varied increments, it’s all about unpredictability. Once you go to auction everyone’s very transparent — but other buyers are not really sure where you’re at so you’ve got an advantage — it’s just mixing it up.”

The talented agent, one of five Victorian auctioneers contesting the award, also said his style of selling properties relied on being himself and using his infectious energy and smile to put prospective buyers at ease.

Mr Nyariri said it was important for auctioneers to put buyers at ease.

“My auctioneering style is all about energy — getting buyers to buy into that energy and making them feel good,” he said.

“It’s a full on process when you’re dealing with people and expectations but I’ve gone back to who I am and being authentic.”

Jake Parish, Philip Webb Doncaster East

Jake Parish calls his auction in the competition.

“Trust your guts” was the advice from Philip Webb Doncaster East agent Jake Parish.

And the 21-year-old advised buyers to “know what you want” so you don’t miss out when the hammer falls.

“Don’t let half a week’s wage stop you from buying your next home for the next couple of decades,” Mr Parish said.

Buyer confidence “just skyrocketed” in recent months and is expected to remain on the up in the spring market, creating an opportunity for vendors planning on listing their properties, Mr Parish said.

The talented young agent — one of five Victorian auctioneers gunning for the award — also shared his training routine as he prepared for the auctioneering competition.

Studying senior auctioneers paid off for Mr Parish in making the finals.

“I’ve been training so hard — first I record myself saying funny lines then when I drive around in the car I have that playing,” he said. “I even have my funny lines hung up in the shower.”

“I’ve been absolutely studying the hell out of great auctioneers — they’re always very witty, very sure of themselves, they project their voice well and they’re always good at their calculations.”

“I’ve got a deck of cards that I’m always taking out and adding up. And I hear that blueberries are brain food so I eat a punnet a day.”

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