Selling Houses Australia: What NOT to do when it comes time to sell


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There are plenty of things that you should do before putting your property on the market. But what about the things you should avoid. The Selling Houses Australia team share their views on what sellers should not do when it comes time to sell.

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Shaynna Blaze, Andrew Winter & Charlie Albone, hosts of Selling Houses Australia. Photo credit: Foxtel / Nicholas Wilson

Interior designer Shaynna Blaze

Selling Houses Australia co-host Shaynna Blaze

1. Don’t think just because you love your home everyone else will. No one wants to buy another person’s life or memories so take your personal life out of your home.

2. Don’t strip the house bare. There is de-cluttering and there is emptying a room. Furniture in a room will give potential buyers a sense of balance and understanding of what can fit in the space.

3. Buyers don’t want to imagine what the place will look like once it is fixed up so don’t have the attitude “I thought I would leave it and let the new owners put their spin on it’’. I have heard this so many times and then a house will sit on the market while the well-staged houses are snapped up.

4. Don’t ignore the wriggly lock, the stuck door or the carpet coming loose that you trip up every day. Buyers notice all the fine details and will instantly think, “what are the hidden problems I have to deal with?’’


Landscape designer Charlie Albone

Charlie Albone. Pic: Supplied.

1. Don’t leave stuff around. I’m always shocked when I go into people’s houses and it’s a pig sty. It’s the same outside, you want to show off as much as you can and not hide it under junk. Low maintenance gardens are a big pull for buyers so ensure the gardens are trimmed and mulched as this gives the appearance the maintenance is easier than it might be.

2. Don’t go crazy and do things just because they are cheap. Often doing something is better than nothing but make sure you don’t add in things just because they are cheap. Consider what buyers are looking at and make changes to the worst parts and think subjectively.

3. Don’t block the front door. Just because you know where your front door is doesn’t mean potential buyers do. Knowing where to go when you turn up to a potential home is more important than you first think. It sets up the buyer’s mindset for the whole property. If your garden is overgrown, it’s time to cut it back.

4. Don’t remove all of the plants. Having a maintained garden is important and people will respond well to lush greenery and manicured plants. If the plants are untidy and scrappy, it’s better to cut them back than remove them.


Property expert Andrew Winter

Andrew Winter PIC: Eric Milliken

1. Ignore the market at your peril. Be aware of what is for sale right now and know where your property sits in the market. Be prepared to adapt your price expectations.

2. Don’t assume a mess will be overlooked. Buyers will often forgive a tired and dated home but if it looks or feels inhabitable, they will assume it is a bigger project than it is. So no old curtains, overgrown gardens or overflowing bins. You have a better chance of selling if people feel they can move straight in.

3. Don’t forget about kerb appeal. A lot of people who look online will also do a drive-by. They may also check Google street view so you should know what they will see. Sometimes what they see is years old and can be detrimental so be aware of that and be ready to counter it.

4. Don’t be there. The golden rule is that you shouldn’t be there when the open house inspections are on. A lot of people these days will put in cameras so they don’t have to be there, but just make sure your valuables are put away. It is the agent’s job to ensure the house is secure and it can be off-putting for buyers to have the owners present. Sellers just get in the way and while you might love a certain feature, others may not and will talk openly about it. Sometimes buyers get the perfect property, but usually they don’t.

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