Southern Brisbane high tech home


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REAL ESTATE: 26 Oasis Cres, Kuraby

When Mujtaba Ahmed built his house at Kuraby just more than two years ago, he wanted a spacious family home.

He and his wife had been living in a townhouse, so they were keen to have a place with a bit more room to move.

REAL ESTATE: 26 Oasis Cres, Kuraby

“We were looking for a more spacious house with a modern look,” Mr Ahmed said.

“The main focus was to make it family friendly and that’s why we have quite a few living areas connecting to each other.”

The 26 Oasis Cres has a large alfresco area that flows from indoors to outdoors and can be enclosed with a bi-fold door.

REAL ESTATE: 26 Oasis Cres, Kuraby

Included in the home are a myriad of hi-tech features, which Mr Ahmed believed were essential to modern day living.

“It has a lot of small but important features,” he said.

“The airconditioning control is both upstairs and downstairs.

“We have got a good security system that has a mobile app that we can monitor and a recording that goes up to two weeks, and a doorbell that takes a photograph.”

REAL ESTATE: 26 Oasis Cres, Kuraby

Mr Ahmed also said there were a lot of design features like feature walls and downlights through the home.

“We will miss the view that looks into the green reserve area across the road,” he said.

“It’s a lovely thing in the morning to see when you wake up.”

REAL ESTATE: 26 Oasis Cres, Kuraby

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