The Block 2019: Behind the scenes on tradie drama


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Matt from Elevate Building Group gives a behind the scenes look at The Block.

It probably comes as no surprise that reality TV shows are edited in a way to show drama and conflict.

A popular Hipages tradie takes us behind the scenes of The Block and reveals the truth to some of the dramatised events.

Elevate Building Group’s Matt Menichelli is Tess and Luke’s builder on The Block.

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Tess and Luke during construction of their kitchen.

Last night on the show it appeared several tradies were standing around for hours in Tess and Luke’s kitchen doing nothing, but Mr Menichelli said it was probably five to 10 minutes of footage stretched out over the day.

“It was a bit dramatised, we had landscapers pop in for a chat so we could forward plan, but that wasn’t mentioned on the show,” he said.

He said footage that showed them having to cut tradie numbers back was also played up for viewers.

“There was not as much demolition work to do so we wound back some carpenters, it made sense,” he said.

The finished product.

However, Tess and Luke are having money problems, with only about $75,000 left to finish the build.

Mr Menichelli said it was getting to the pointy end of the competition, and moving into the main living areas and trying to do it on a tight budget was hard.

“We were down to a skeleton crew and tried to play on function, rather than flashy,” he said.

“Our approach changed a little bit, we reassessed and put labouring back on Tess and Luke to do to help with the budget.”

Matt from Elevate Building Group.

The old Oslo Hotel is being transformed. Picture: Nicole Cleary

However, he did say the arguments between Tess and Luke weren’t dramatised.

“She is a little firecracker and he is laid back, they would argue and then be laughing five minutes later,” he said.

“But there is drama to come as lack of sleep and tempers run a bit thin, it will make for good TV.”

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