The Block 2019 episode 10 recap: El’ise and Matt lose their agent


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What a difference 24 hours can make.

That’s all the time it took for winners to become losers and losers to become winners.

Fresh (well, hungover) from celebrating their lounge room victory the night before, El’ise and Matt were devastated to lose their real estate agents to Jesse and Mel.


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At least they still have the pricey wine fridge they secured for their lounge room victory. Perhaps they can use it to store some vino to drown their sorrows over their agent loss.

The controversial agent handover came after El’ise and Matt were shown to be the worst of the teams at property valuation in the first Block challenge.

Unsurprisingly Jesse (who works in St Kilda as a real estate agent) took the top honours for his efforts and was therefore given the prize of choosing which of the five agents on offer he wanted to use to sell his property.

First his marble border was slagged by the judges, and now Jesse has been locked in his car by Scott Cam.

Given Jesse’s self-confidence and firm belief that he knows better than anyone else on the show, I’m amazed he didn’t insist on being the one to sell his own terrace. At the very least, you would think he would’ve chosen his old boss out of loyalty.

Nope, he went for the group that El’ise and Matt had their heart set on because that’s how Jesse rolls.

Despite his bravado, Jesse, to his horror, was given a run for his money in the real estate challenge by Cairns honeymooners and real estate novices, Tess and Luke.

Nobody (except Jesse) was thrilled to be offsite inspecting random houses when there was so much to be done in time for the main bedroom reveal later in the week.

But you can always guarantee host Shelley Craft will pop up at an inopportune moment to issue them with a time-wasting challenge (aka yet another opportunity for some shameless promotion of the Block’s sponsors, in this case real estate agents and a househunting app).

El’ise shoots daggers with her eyes after losing her preferred agent to Mel and Jesse.

To try and even the playing field, host Scott Cam did something he’d no doubt been longing to do since day one. He silenced Jesse by forcing him to stay in his ute while his partner Mel visited the house being sold by his old boss.

But that wasn’t enough to stop Jesse from claiming the win. And that put the smile back on his face after spending the morning fuming over the judges’ criticism of his marble-bordered lounge room. They felt it was “too corporate”. Jesse thought the judges’ views simply showed they didn’t have expensive enough taste.

Tess and Luke also got a boost too from nearly winning the challenge. Tess was starting to doubt her styling prowess after finishing last in the competition for the third time running. At least they managed to finish their lounge room, which is an improvement on their unpainted efforts on the bedroom and en suites.

Mark consults The Block engineer over his plan to convert the master bedroom into a party pad.

Of course, they had a secret weapon at their disposal this time. Rivals Mitch and Mark came to their rescue at the eleventh hour to help them get the room ready to present for judging.

You’ve got to love Mitch and Mark.

And after three weeks of being the bridesmaids, surely this has got to be the boys’ week to finally win the top prize. They deserve it. Their positive attitude, strong work ethic and glamorous sense of style should be rewarded.

And they have a grand and secret plan to achieve just that. They have decided to turn their fourth bedroom into a luxury, top floor entertainment area complete with a patio pool and cathedral ceilings.

Thankfully, the boys’ plans were given the go-ahead by the architects so it’s full steam ahead with their plans for a party zone that will literally raise the roof.

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