The Block 2019 episode 33 recap: Mel and Jesse finally get a win


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Most of the teams are on schedule to finish their living and dining rooms on time this week.

Jesse and Mel are so far ahead they finish on Wednesday night, leaving them Thursday for a game of golf with Keith.

If Jesse wins, he gets a Keith and Dan-free day. If he loses he has to spend two hours helping the other contestants. Keith, a four games a week golf player, seems quietly confident. But he’s quietly humiliated instead, losing by a single point to a jubilant Jesse.

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A despondent Keith rues the day he challenged Jesse to a golf game.

“I’ll never hear the end of this,” Keith mutters.

And so it comes to pass, with Jesse all but stopping strangers in the street to tell them about his win.

From his beginnings as the show’s resident douchebro, Jesse has completely turned perceptions around.

He even drops into Tess and Luke’s living area to grout their feature wall out of the goodness of his heart. Tess is making a dog’s breakfast of it, with more grout on her face than the wall.

“I honestly could have kissed him,” she says.

“Me too,” adds Luke.

But on to the judging.

Tess and Luke join Mark and Mitch in the dunces’ corner this week.

Mark and Mitch’s living and dining room is a mishmash of styles, metal finishes and “an assault on the senses” according to Neale Whitaker.

“I’m not quite sure where my eye wants to land.”

Mitch and Mark’s room was an “assault on the senses”, according to Neale Whitaker.

Shaynna Blaze isn’t a fan of the feature floral artwork and points out that the geometric chrome legs on the coffee table, the geometric pattern on the rug and the feature bricks are all competing for attention.

Plus the sofa is too small, the meagre skylights look more like portholes and the backlit stone benchtop is too bright.

In short, “it’s an anticlimax”, says Neale.

Next door Tess and Luke are in the same leaky boat.

Their dark room, with two dark brick feature walls and continuation of the dark chevron floor is oriented all wrong, according to the judges.

The couch has its back to the doors to the courtyard and there’s two occasional chairs facing the TV rather than a lounge.

And the idea of attaching the dining table to that enormous island bench is inflexible and wastes potential island bench storage space.

The judges think Tess and Luke’s room is badly planned.

“I actually feel sick for them,” Shaynna says.

“What’s oppressive mean?” Tess asks about their feedback.

Andy and Deb look set to scoop up the win. They, and Jesse and Mel, have cleverly placed their island bench length ways, allowing for a dining table alongside it, and a much bigger living area as a result.

Andy and Deb’s pale neutrals and whites get a big tick from the judges, along with a huge painting commissioned from an indigenous artist — reflecting Andy’s indigenous heritage.

“I love my culture,” he says. “I’ve been Aboriginal for a very long time.”

“I can breathe,” Shaynna says of the room.

“I can’t remember ever being in a house on The Block that has excited me more,” Neale adds.

Shaynna thinks Deb has what it takes to be an interior designer.

There’s some mild criticism — the TV is way too high — but they’re mere quibbles.

And it’s Shaynna who pays the room the ultimate compliment, advising Deb she should quit her day job and take up interior design.

El’ise and Matt’s room — with stone feature wall surrounding their fireplace and rough hewed wooden table — sees them back in the game after a couple of off weeks. They’ve got enough wrong to be out of contention — funeral home flowers, a nest of tables plonked in the middle of the room rather than beside the couches and no furniture placed to enjoy that feature fireplace — but at least they’re not being ritually humiliated like last week.

Next, golf champ Jesse and Mel get their turn.

Matt and El’ise’s didn’t win, but at least they weren’t ritually humiliated this week.

Jesse is always supremely confident before judging, but this time he’s right to be.

They have the best layout — it’s similar to Andy and Deb’s but they have shaved 500mm off their island bench and it makes all the difference to the sense of space of the living area.

The enormous architectural acoustic wall they won earlier in the show is an incredible feature, and although the TV is as high as Deb and Andy’s, they’ve tilted it to make its placement perfect.

The judges are positively gushing, and Mark and Mitch look like they’ve just tucked in to a lemon.

For the first time in seven weeks, the win goes to Jesse and Mel.


Jesse and Mel: 29

Andy and Deb: 28

El’ise and Matt: 24.5

Mitch and Mark: 22

Tess and Luke: 22


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