This skinny home in Enmore is only 2.5m wide


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The layout of this very skinny home, which is only 2.5m wide, has no room for a hallway. You simply walk from one room to the next.

Located in the heart of Enmore, 19 London Street is a 95sqm one-bedroom home with a unique design.

At the front of the house is the lounge, which leads straight through to the bedroom and then through to the kitchen. There’s also a private backyard and a second bedroom/studio at the rear of the house.

2.5m-wide house

But in such a small space, where can all your belongings go? Luckily there’s extra storage under the house.

Listing agent Greg Haimandos foresees a potential renovation making the 95sqm property work even harder.

“A renovation would be best to utilise the basement space and to modernise the interior and rear studio,” he says.

A garage next door is a similar size from the street frontage and has its own address, which gives away just how teeny this home is.

It’s unclear whether the property was originally a subdivided block as both Haimandos and the owners are unsure.

It’s not uncommon for tiny homes to be wedged into neighbouring buildings within major cities where square meterage is a hot commodity.

Silver House by Boyarsky Murphy Architects is an example of this in London, measuring less than 3m in width at the front. The site had formerly served as the stables of a Victorian wine seller and had been vacant for decades due to its narrow shape until these architects reimagined it.

With inner-city prices on an upward trajectory, especially in Sydney, which saw its highest monthly growth in two years in September, we could see more and more of these tiny homes pop up.

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